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Practice Guide: March 21-27

20 to 30 minutes a Night, 5 days a week!


  • Warm-Up

    • Buzz 3-5 minutes (long and short tones)

    • Warm-Up Sheet

  • Essential Elements

    • Line 66: Rhythm Rap

    • Line 67: Three Beat Jam

    • Line 68: Barcarolle

    • Line 69: Morning

    • Line 70: Accent Your Talent

    • Line 71: Mexican Clapping Song

    • Line 73: Hot Muffins

    • Line 75: Basic Blues

    • Line 76: High Flying

  • Percussion Rudiments

    • Flam

    • Flam Tap

    • Single Stroke Roll

    • Single Stroke 4

Before you Play!

  • Every Day

    • Check your Posture!​

      • Sit on the edge of your chair​

      • Put your feet flat on the ground

      • Keep your back comfortably straight

    • Check your Embouchure/Stick Grip

      • Flutes​

        • Hold the closed end of the head joint with your left hand and cover the open end with your right palm.

        • Rest the lip plate on your bottom lip. Center the tone hole on the center of your lips.

        • Roll the head joint towards you so that 1/4 of the tone hole is covered by your bottom lip.

        • Keep your upper and bottom teeth slightly apart.

        • Draw the corners pf your lips straight back and relax your lower lip.

        • Say the word "pure" to set the embouchure and blow air partly in and partly across the tone hole.

      • Clarinets/Saxophones

        • Moisten your lips and roll your bottom lip over your bottom teeth.

        • Firm the corners of your mouth.

        • Stretch your chin downward.

        • Place the mouthpiece on your lower lip so the reed goes in your mouth 2/3 of an inch. Place your top teeth on the mouthpiece.

        • Close your mouth around the mouthpiece.  Keep the corners of your mouth firm and your chin pointing downward.

      • High Brass/Low Brass

        • Moisten your lips.

        • Bring your lips together like you are saying the letter "m".

        • Relax your jaw to separate your top and lower teeth.

        • Flatten your bottom lip against your bottom teeth and firm the corners of your mouth.

        • Direct airstream into the center of the mouthpiece.

      • Sticks

        • Place the sticks in front of you with the tips of the sticks pointing forward.

        • Extend your right hand like you are about to shake a hand.

        • The curve of your fingers top knuckle and the thumb hold the stick in place, creating a pivot point.

        • Curl your other fingers around the stick, check to make sure the stick is cradled in the palm of your hand.

        • Repeat the same process with your other hand.

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